Butterfly Table Tennis Tables Reviews

The company was founded by the late Hikosuke Tamasu in the year 1950, and it’s headquartered is in Tokyo, Japan. He was a Japanese Table Tennis player of his time and he believed in a basic concept that (in his own words) “Players are flowers in table tennis world and they are the very enchantment of table tennis; we would like to be butterflies flying around the flowers providing them the essential needs in the table tennis world.” And that is how the Tamasu apparel and equipment company got its brand name Butterfly because of what it is truly meant for. His belief and approach towards the game and its constituents gave him an opportunity to introduce to the world table tennis equipment that matched the spirits of the players. The founder believed that every player had their wisdom and way of blossoming with their respective flower and even today since its foundation, the products have made a great impact in the good sports industry.

Best Butterfly Table Tennis Tables:

The tables from Butterfly table tennis tables range from high to low and are affordable according to a player’s needs. It produces high performance and is of good quality crafted by advanced technologies. It is made to be suited to a player as per their requirement which makes it stand out from all. There are various tables that one could opt for.

Listed below are two Table Tennis Tables from Butterfly that one could understand from.

Octet 25 Butterfly Tenis Table

The Octet 25 by the Butterfly Table Tennis Tables collection is approved by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF). It has a two piece construction which allows multiple tables that can be stored in a compact space. Its space-saving design and the quality of the Octet 25 makes it an excellent use for clubs.

Classifications: The Octet 25 wood has a thickness of 1,” and the rails are 2”x3/4”. It weighs 275lbs and has a release lever and adjustable feet option. The table Octet 25 for Butterfly comes with a warranty of 5 years.


Compact 16 Butterfly Tables

The Compact 16 table from Butterfly needs no assembly. It can be divided into two halves with each half containing legs that can be folded into the top and there are two wheels located in the center of each half. It is USATT approved.

Classifications: with a top thickness of 5/8” and rails of 5/8×5/8” the Compact 16 comes with a release lock and a net clip. With an option for adjustable feet and playback position, it is a good option for home use and comes with a three-year warranty. It cannot be used for professional use as it does not match the criteria.

By comparing these two products, one can get an overview of what the Butterfly (Table Tennis Company) manufactures. With a lot of options to choose from one can order their tables as per their requirements. From home equipment to professional games, the Butterfly has it all.

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