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Buying the Perfect Ping Pong Tables

Playing Table Tennis is fun for almost everyone. It is an indoor sport which is why it is loved by many. In table tennis, one will need a table tennis table to do the actual playing. Choosing one can often be quite difficult due to the number of choices in the market. To help them out this article will have tips to buy the table. One should always remember to buy something that will last them a long time. So, let us begin with the tips.

Tips for buying a proper table tennis table (ping-pong):

  • Setting the budget is important when purchasing a table. Often companies will bombard a product with tall claims. But one has to determine a need for the table. Professional players will require a professional grade ping-pong table, but they aren’t required for recreational table tennis games. So, one should always remember their motive of buying the table.
  • Portability and the ease of assembly are key points. As a table tennis table isn’t always in use, it needs to be stored. A good table is easy to fold and store according to one’s wishes. It is one of the basic qualities to look for. Joola table tennis tables have wheels that increase the portability.


  • The thickness of the table doesn’t matter very much, but a table that has a thickness of 1 inch is quite good. They are more durable than tables that are very thin.
  • The framework of the table should be good. The legs should be made of a good quality material to make the table durable and sturdy. Levelling is a great feature to go for if one will use the table in different locations.
  • Though Table Tennis is an indoor sport, many people like to take it outside. In that case, a special table made for outside play has to be used. This is mainly because there are wind and many other factors that can affect the table. One should check if a table tennis table is for outdoor play before buying it. STIGA is a company that has many tables, and they also produce table tennis table that is meant for outdoor play. Outdoor tables often cost more than indoor ping pong tables because of the added features.

  • The net should never dig into the table as it may cause scratches. It should have attachments to prevent it. Also, the clamps of the table shouldn’t cause damage to itself. Using them in the right way is also important for the user of the table.
  • The size is a factor as well. Most ping pong tables will require some space. People who have a space scrunch should get a small or compact table tennis table. The butterfly has a cute mini table which is quite affordable.

So, here are the tips which will be beneficial in choosing ping pong tables. One should look into all the factors and get a table that is appropriate for them. They should never give into the diverse claims that a company makes. It is recommended for everyone to check reviews of the product and also to get a cover to keep the table protected.  

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