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In the year 1934 on March 6th Mr. Stig Hjelmquist founded the company Firma Fabriksprodukter that was later renamed as Stiga. It is a Swedish company that originated in Tranas and production of the Table Tennis products began in the year 1938 that made Stiga world famous for its excellent sports good products. Stiga started to produce equipment for table tennis under their management from 1943.stating that they began to produce a complete game set from rackets, nets, and attachment systems to balls.

With time the Stiga Company started importing other products from the US and by 1971 Stiga was established abroad, and sales in their offices at London and Helsinki were soon open. After successful years of running a big brand name and establishing itself in the global market, and a merger with Castlegarden SpA and Alpina Professional & Garden SpA, the GGP Group (Global Garden Products) changed its name into Stiga Group. Today it has become a global company with partners in over 100 countries.


These Stiga Table Tennis tables are well manufactured and are made to suit the personal requirements of a player at the professional and personal level meaning they have products for both hobby and profession. From home equipment to professional ones, the tables for Table Tennis from the Stiga Company have a high performance and are crafted brilliantly.

Listed below are two products from the Stiga Table Tennis collection which shall aid a buyer to have brief information about the products manufactured by them.

Basic roller STIGA table tennis table

The Basic roller table tennis table from Stiga is mainly suitable for home use. Buyers who like to play Table Tennis as a hobby should opt for the Basic roller table tennis. It has safety bar under the table that prevents injuries when folding and unfolding the table.

Classifications: it comes with a 16mm fiberboard with a net and post that are included. With an EN-safety norm of 14468-1 Class D. Its storage size is W=184 cm X D=66.5 cm X H=187 cm and weighs 65kg.

Premium Compact Table Tennis Table

The Premium Compact Table Tennis Table is suitable for professional use. It is stable and has high functionality. The legs of the table fold out automatically, and it has an extra high-density top with good quality bounce features making it a player’s choice. The Premium Compact Table is ITTF approved.

Classifications: It comes with a 25mm fiberboard with a compact storage system technology. It has an EN-safety norm of 14468-1 Class A and a storage size of: W= 152.5 cm X D= 66.5 cm X H= 154 cm. The tables weigh roughly 141 kg and are a suitable indoor table. The table has adjustable legs and a safety lock. The best part about this table is it is also suitable for wheelchairs.

By comparing these two products from so many others, one can get basic information about the Stiga Table Tennis tables. Stiga produces high-quality sports good that comprises of advanced technology, making it easier to operate.

Best Table Tennis Tables