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Why Should Anyone Choose Butterfly Table Tennis Paddles?

When playing Table Tennis as a serious sport, one must use the best possible gears. Sports gear is easily available in the market, but every one of it isn’t up to the quality. When it comes to table tennis, the butterfly table tennis paddles are one of the bests to be found in the market. They have several paddles meant for occasional or professional playing. They have existed in the market for a while and will last for a long time. So, let us have an overall review of the butterfly paddles.

Butterfly Table Tennis Paddles:

They have several paddles based on the need of the people. Some of them are just basic sets, but most of them are professional grade. They have made available some notable pieces like the Timo Boll Tennis Racket and the 401Racket which are loved by many.


  • The rubbers used in the rackets are ITTF, or Internation Table Tennis Federation approved and can be used in tournaments
  • They make paddles that can be used for all game plays. They even have different paddle designs based on one’s grip.
  • The performance ratings of all Butterfly Table Tennis Paddles are quite good.
  • A free case is provided with most of their paddles to keep them safe.
  • One can also get them in a nicely packaged gift box.
  • Several models featuring different specifications are available in the market.


  • The variety makes it easy for anyone to choose a paddle according to their need.
  • The paddles are super affordable and are also easily available in the market.
  • The packaging of the product is great as well.
  • Every one of the paddles is ITTF approved making them helpful in tournaments.
  • The case and gift box are additional plus points of all Butterfly Table Tennis Paddles.
  • The availability of both recreational and professional paddles makes it a better company.


  • They do not produce customized Table Tennis Paddles.

So, here is an overall review of the Butterfly Table Tennis Paddles. They are a great addition to any Table Tennis Players life and parents can easily gift them to their kid. They will last a long time and help people play in the best way possible.

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