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A brief Guide to buying the perfect Table Tennis Shoes

While we take up a new sport or hobby, it is important to remember some things that work as an essential for the same. In case of a sport that needs running or jumping you need to have proper shoes and an outfit. Now when talking about the shoes, there are certain points that you should always remember since choosing a wrong shoe might hurt you. This article will be a very brief guide to table tennis shoes and what you must keep in mind while purchasing them:

About Table Tennis Shoes:

There are some facts that one needs to remember clearly while learning about tennis and tennis shoes. The facts are:

  • Practice: It is very important to note that one will have to practice almost every day and night to master the skills of playing tennis. It is advised that one seeks a teacher or trainer when they are set on learning.
  • Flexibility: Any sport that is played outdoors is going to need the flexibility of your body and thus tennis too. Tennis focuses more on the lower body since it controls the upper body. So it is essential to wear good table tennis shoes for playing the sport.

Guide for Purchasing Table Tennis Shoes:

This guide will include some points that you should keep in your mind while you start purchasing your tennis shoes:

  • Thick Sole: The sole is meant to provide you the support that is much needed by the players to keep their legs from straining. If you are purchasing a shoe with a normal sole, then it will be damaged within months, and all the money will go to waste and also, your legs might get hurt.
  • Durability: The durability of a shoe depends on the kind of material that is used for its production. The material determines whether it can handle all the jumping and pressures of everyday practice.
  • Lacing system: While you purchase your table tennis shoes it is essential to note that the lacing system is important too. If your shoes don’t lace up properly, you will face problems while you start playing tennis.
  • Comfort: Comfort is another necessity when you plan your shoe since it will keep you working properly through the game. If you feel uncomfortable, then you will fidget with your shoes and won’t be able to play properly.


Popular Brands for Table Tennis Shoes:

  • Mizuno: This is Japanese Company known for manufacturing sportswear and equipment since the year 1906. These days they are making sportswear that is globally known for its quality and variety.
  • ASICS: This is another company known popularly for the quality of products they manufacture in the line of sportswear and footwear. They have also sponsored and created shoes for cricket teams.
  • Butterfly: Butterfly is popular for the women footwear and also tennis shoes that specialize in the material. They also sell equipment which is very useful and durable.
  • Adidas: The German company is a name known to the world and is a multinational company that focuses on sportswear that is appreciated by the world.

This is a brief guide to the world of table tennis shoes which should help you in knowing what you need to know and follow while you purchase them. Also, these brands are known to be the best ones for these shoes.

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