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Can you get in shape playing pickleball?

There is no need to be ashamed of getting in shape for pickleball. There are a number of ways to get in shape for pickleball, and many people find the fit of their pickleball clothes helpful. Check out our picks for the best clothes for pickleball!

Which pickleball paddle to buy

Who makes wilson pickleball paddles?

There’s no one person who makes wilson pickleball paddles. Each person who makes them takes time and expertise, and there’s no one company that makes them more than some guy in a basement who makes them for other people.”

“That’s so cool! You can’t believe the detail in how he makes them. It’s like being in the same room with him for an entire day, and you’re able to ask him questions and learn about his industry and what he’s doing with his life. It’s amazing.”

what do you need to play pickleball

Can pickleball shoes be used for tennis?

Yes, pickleball shoes can be used for tennis. However, they must be used with proper care and attention, as they can cause shoes to become dirty and Pilates class may not be necessary anymore.

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