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How long should a ping pong table be?

A ping pong table can be used for a while, or it can be used for only a few minutes per day. So, it is important to make sure that a ping pong table is used for the right purpose and for the right amount of time.

Choose a ping pong table dimensions inches

Can ping pong balls explode?

Ping pong balls can explode!

This is not a joke!

Yes, you can actually lose all your money playing this game.

But it’s still a game!

There is no need to worry about this.

ping pong balls can explode!

That’s because they are not made from flour!


Yes, these balls are actually made from flour!

But they will still explode!

No, they won’t because flour is not a product that can cause an object to burst into flames.

used stiga ping pong table

What we need to play table tennis?

Table tennis is a popular sport that can be played with two players. One player stands behind the other player, while the two players each have at least one hand holding a table of different size and shape.

The player to who has the small table plays the player to who has the large table. The basic principles of table tennis still hold good even if the playing field is changed shape. Players must stay close to their table; must not let the other player move; must stay in one piece; and must use their hands for exercise.

In order to stay in the game, each player must have a hand held or an Game Memory Card. This allows the player to play their card without having to move the table. The player with the most cards placed at the end of the table wins the game.

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