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The Ultimate Guide to Choose The Best Table Tennis Ball

Table tennis is a game which is enjoyed by almost everyone. And the fact that it’s an indoor sport; it is all the more preferred by people. But to enjoy the game to its full potential, you need the best quality supplies for it. The most important thing in tennis table is the tennis ball. And that is why today, we are going to discuss how to choose the best table tennis ball for your game.

Guide to Select the Best Table Tennis ball

Following these simple tips will help you to choose the best tennis ball for your game. One of the best tennis balls that you can go for is the Nittaku 3-Star Premium 40+ Table Tennis Ball. It is one of the best tennis balls that you can get and which are worth your money. However, getting one of them can be a bit problematic as they are mainly made in Japan.

  1. Quality: The first thing that you to look out for in a table tennis ball is its quality. If the quality of the ball is not good then, obviously it’s going to affect your game. So might as well get a quality ball for your game. Also, you should know that tennis balls have a rating system based on their quality. Balls belonging to the range of 1-3 are the best balls, and they are available in a pack of 3, 6 or 12. And let’s not forget that good quality tennis ball lasts longer too.


  1. Color: Although the color of the ball doesn’t matter so much, it is always good to go for a ball color that is prominently visible. That’s because it becomes easier to play with a ball that is more visible in certain given conditions. In case you do not know orange and white are the colors that are used in the game and any competition.
  2. Type: There are various types of tennis balls available made of different materials plastic, celluloid, etc. Now depending on the type of tournament, you are participating you have to choose your ball.

So next time you go to buy a table tennis ball for yourself just, keep all these factors in mind before you make your choice.

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