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Two Table Tennis Paddle Cases that a Player Must Try

The Table Tennis paddles are important for playing a game of Table Tennis. The wooden paddles have a layer of rubber to make the gameplay easier and better. The rubber present on the paddle can get easily distressed by a sharp object. That is the reason a table tennis paddle case is required.

Butterfly Logo Full Table Tennis Racket Case

This is a very basic case that protects the paddle in the best possible way.


  • A zipper is present for opening and closing of the case
  • The case is durable
  • The material is neoprene and padding is provided on both sides
  • The case can hold one racket
  • The butterfly logo is available in different colors


  • The zipper is strong, and it is easy to open or close
  • The padding provides excellent protection to the paddle
  • The material wouldn’t tear very easily
  • The case is very affordable


  • No strap present for carrying
  • Can only hold one paddle

In conclusion, it can be said that this table tennis paddle case is very basic and is best for beginners of table tennis.


JOOLA Competition Table Tennis Tour Case with Two Python Rackets

This case is best for professional table tennis players because of the roominess and ease of carrying.


  • The case comes with two paddles and 18 balls.
  • Foam racket inserts have been provided for protection
  • A handle is also provided for carrying
  • The material of the case is thick and strong
  • The case has a double snap lock system


  • The case is very strong and ample amount of protection is provided for the paddles.
  • The racket and the balls can be used for practice
  • The handle makes it easy for carrying anywhere
  • The lock of the case is very secure
  • The case is super affordable


  • No cons are there to the case

We can say that the table tennis paddle case is great. The extra goodies can come handy as well.

The cases are needed for any table tennis players, and these can be really good options. One has to choose the case according to their need and budget.

Best Table Tennis Paddle Covers

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