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An Amazing Table Tennis Paddle Cleaning Kit by Killerspin

Table tennis paddles are precious things for any table tennis player. They cherish the paddle that helps them in winning games. But it is quite necessary to take proper care of the paddle. This increases the durability of the paddle and also maintains its performance. A table tennis paddle cleaning kit is a must-have thing in the kit of every professional table tennis player. Several companies make them, but today we will review the kit produced by the renowned company, Killerspin.

Killerspin Paddle Care Bundle:

The table tennis paddle cleaning kit has everything that a person needs to take care of their paddle. The kit is quite affordable and easy available both offline and online. It will be helpful for all table tennis players.


  • Contains a rubber cleaning spray along with its application sponge
  • A paddle rubber protector is also provided in the kit
  • 10mm x 50 nylon side tape is provided in the kit
  • A 37 ml bottle of Table Tennis Torque aq glue is provided with the kit. It also has an applicator clip along with 15 disposable applicator sponges.



  • The cleaning kit has everything that one can imagine for taking care of a table tennis paddle
  • The kit also acts as a trial pack before anyone buys the things individually
  • The products are good quality and wouldn’t harm the paddle
  • The rubber protector prevents any damage that may befall the rubber
  • The products help in keeping the paddle good, and it will last the player for a long time.
  • As Killerspin produces table tennis paddles, they know how to take care of the right things in such a kit


  • No cons were found for this product.

In all, it can be said that this table tennis paddle cleaning kit is one of the best in the market. Every player can buy it easily and then use it on their beloved table tennis paddles. Once the things finish, they can either buy the whole kit or opt for individual pieces. Killerspin aces in producing things related to Table Tennis.

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