Table Tennis Grips

Types of Table Tennis Grips That You Should Know About

We all know that table tennis is a racket sport and thus, it involves the use of hands. Leaving aside the skills, footwork and the techniques of the game, the most important thing that a tennis player has to learn is the different hand grips that are used in the game. For a player to excel in his game, he should know all the different types of table tennis grips. Because handling the racket in the game is the most important thing while the angles and swinging come after that.

Different Types of Table Tennis Grips

There are dozens of table tennis grips that you need to know about, but we are going to discuss only a few of them here.

  1. The Shakehand Grip: This is perhaps the most popular way of holding the racket that is followed by most players where your index finger stays on the side of the paddle directly facing your body while your thumb rests on top of the all the other fingers.
  2. The Penhold Grip: After the shakehand grip, the penhold grip is the most popular grip that is used by the players. There are three different versions of penhold grip, and that is the Korean grip, the traditional Chinese grip, and the reverse penhold
  3. V-Grip: V-grip is when you hold the racket between your middle finger and the index finger and spreading it apart to form the shape of a V. With this grip come to a lot of advantages as stated by Tom Veatch. This grip gives you an extended reach, more power and more leverage in attacking. Also, you could give wide-angle shots more properly with this grip.
  4. Seemiller Grip: Seemiller grip was mainly used by Dan Seemiller who was an American player, and that is where this grip got its name from. The main advantage of using this grip is that it allows free wrist movement and good blocking.

The above mentioned types of table tennis grips are the ones that are mostly used by the players. So, if you are into table tennis make sure you practice these grips nicely.

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