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Are you looking for a ping pong table and air hockey combination or a table tennis top for your video game room? We have numerous ping pong tables for sale to fulfill your requirements Our table tennis top will turn your swimming pool table into a ping pong table quickly and quickly. Discover more about our selection of ping pong tables by clicking on each product.

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Choose the best ping pong table and air hockey combination

Enjoy out for kids when opening out a folding table; little fingers can get trapped in the hinges and moving parts. If you require to clean the surface area of your ping pong table and air hockey combination, be cautious.

While manufacturers desire to sell you the finest and most costly ping pong table and air hockey combination, the bulk of people who play for enjoyable will find a less expensive ping pong table totally appropriate for their needs. If you play table tennis competitively, you need to spend lavishly for the competition thickness; however, the rest of us can save by choosing a good, however less costly table. Numerous individuals end up setting up their tables in the garage or basement, and irregular floors are commonplace.

Table and air hockey combination – FAQ

What is a ping pong table and Air Hockey Combination?

Answer: A ping pong table and Air Hockey Combination is a multi-game table that can be used to play both air hockey and ping pong. It has special features such as a double-sided play surface, sturdy legs, and an easy to use puck/ball return system.

What are the dimensions of the table?

Answer: The dimensions of the table vary depending on the model. Generally, most tables measure around 7 feet long and 4 feet wide.

How much does the table weigh?

Answer: The table usually weighs around 95-120lbs.

Is the Air Hockey side and the ping pong side interchangeable?

Answer: Yes, the Air Hockey and ping pong sides are interchangeable. You can simply remove the top and switch the sides around.

What accessories come with the table?

Answer: The table typically comes with two Air Hockey pushers, two pucks, two paddles, and two ping pong balls.

What is the table made of?

Answer: The table is usually made of a durable plastic/MDF composite.

Is the table easy to assemble?

Answer: Yes, the table is easy to assemble and comes with a user-friendly manual. It typically takes around 30-45 minutes to set up the table.

Does the table come with a warranty?

Answer: Yes, the table usually comes with a limited warranty that covers any manufacturing defects.

Get your paddles ready – it’s time to play ping pong!

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Get ready to play with the ping pong table and air hockey combination!

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