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Nets and ping pong stands

clean ping pong table

The IS Supports and ping pong table nets They are fundamental elements of the development of the game since they mark the separation of the pitches as well as the minimum height that the ball must overcome when changing pitches. The regulations state that the net must be 15.25 cm high on both sides of the table.

Here we leave you a guide on the networks and supports you can get today.

Universal poles and nets

Most networks are designed to connect directly to any table top. Some assemblies, which have additional width openings, will accommodate thicker tables in the center of the table. Universal nets and poles may not be suitable for tables not designed for use with nets or poles attached to the game board.

The filled and mailed “universal” sets should normally be removed before the table is moved, folded or stored. They are often sold independently of the table, allowing you to customize the choice of features for the ping pong table and the net and the stands.

Specially adapted numbers and positions

This type is clean and poles specifically designed for a specific type of table. They are usually of the folding tables type and with wheels. They can often be left in place when the table is folded and moved but are usually not adjustable or specialty contest poles and clean sets.

Official networks and touring supports

In these bpaddle sets with net the height of the net is adjustable, and should include a rope along the top of the net to adjust the tension the same. They should also extend 6 ” on each side of the game board.

Sets of networks and supports for recreational use

Some of the features and sets of ping pong poles and nets are usually not designed for official touring. They use substandard materials to comply with most commercial price and are not indicated for those cases where they have to be repeatedly put up and taken out.

Photography: Shiroma on Flickr


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