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Basic rules for playing table tennis

basic rules for playing table tennis

The IS Table tennis O. Table tennis It is a board game played between two players or two pairs. The rules of the game mainly deal with equipment, service or service and invalid movements, but do you know the basic rules of this sport?

  • The basic equipment is two bellies or a paddle, a smooth table with a net that divides the table in half, and pong pong balls.
  • The upper surface of the ping pong table shall be rectangular with a length of 2.74m and a width of 1.525m, located 76 cm from the ground.
  • The ball must be spherical, with a diameter of 40mm and a weight of 2.7g. White or orange but always matte.
  • A play is the period during which the ball is played. A goal is a play whose result is scored, a play whose result is not scored is nullified.
  • The first player to serve (serve) is determined at random. Each player or pair will attend twice, then pass the serve on to the opposing player or pair.
  • For individual games the white lines on the board mean nothing, but in paired games each player draws diagonally from right to left, guided by the lines drawn on the table.
  • The player or pair who starts on one side in a game must change ends in the next game of the game. Because they are always odd games, in the last game of the game the players or pairs of sides change when the first player or pair scores 5 points.
  • Serving is done by placing the ball in the palm of the hand. It is thrown at least 16cm high and beaten so that it hits the first bounce on the side of the serving player off the net. After this first bounce the ball must bounce on the opponent’s side before hitting it with his pad.
  • Once the ball is being played, the rally period begins. Each player hits the ball to pass it to the opponent, he can go back and forth indefinitely.
  • When a player hits the ball he cannot bounce on his side, but can bounce on the opponent’s side.
  • A player scores a point if the ball bounces two or more on the opponent’s side; if the opponent hits the ball and falls off the table without bouncing on the other side or if the other player hits it or if the opponent hits the ball and bounces first on his side of the table.
  • When playing the ball, the table is not allowed to move or touch any part of the body or object other than the pad. It will be a point for the opposition team.
  • A player or pair will win a game when they reach 11 points with a difference of 2 points over the opposition.
  • The game will consist of an odd number of games 3, 5 or 7 games depending on the competition and the winner will be the one who exceeds half of the first time won.

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