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Thickness of table tennis rubber

Thickness of table tennis rubber

The IS table tennis rubbers They are the part of the blade combined with the wood that most influences the blow and effect the ball gets. At the time of choose table tennis material It is important to take into account the characteristics of each of the parts, as the right choice and combination of rubber and wood can help you progress in the game.Yes rubbers for ping pong paddles with different characteristics: smooth, short peaks, medium peaks, long peaks, antitop, hard, soft … but one of the most important features is also the rubber thickness.A goma de ping pong It consists of two sheets: the outer one or Rubber and the interior o sponge so that the sponge is always under the rubber.

As a basic and general rule we could say more rubber thickness, provides better speed and spin rather than control and touch. gamer style Y. game strategy it will be recommended choose table tennis rubber or another, to be able to find rubber on the market with a large variety of thicknesses.

Rubber minimum thickness

They are rubber with a thickness between 0.5 and 1.5mm. They offer less speed and acceleration as well as fewer turns and lower fire angles. As an advantage, they offer more control and influence ping pong ball, which is why they are recommended for players who have a DEF and DEF + strategy and who stand out for near – net beats, cuts and good hand movements.

Rubber of medium thickness

They are rubber with a thickness between 1.5 and 1.8mm. They contribute to active and positive play and provide discipline, blocking and a wide range of shots. It can range from slash to precision limited speed attack making it suitable for ALL and ALL + player.

Maximum thickness rubber

They are rubber with a thickness between 1.9 and 2.3mm. The maximum thickness gives more acceleration, speed and spin and composes the ball with a larger throw angle. They prefer players with OFF-, OFF and OFF + game strategies who are looking for an attack in any of their types (aggressive, deceptive, blocking, topspin beats …) If you know how choose table tennis material for you shovel ping pong, you get to put your own up custom shovel on your level and style of play and you will be able to train and progress as a player. And you, what kind of player are you? Photo Creative Commons


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