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Table tennis effects

Key effects in table tennis

The IS Table tennis It is a sport that requires a balance between physical and mental preparation to progress at the level of play. It’s just hit the ball with the shovel ping pong, but it takes a lot of technique and training to make good effects, do you know them?The IS main effects in table tennis there are three, although there can always be variations and customizations for each player, as well as other secondary effects.

Kick, cut or backspin effect

The effect is cut the ball in the hit. The player generates the upward force on the ball and causes the bottom of the ball to move in the same direction the ball is traveling. When bouncing the ball low and with a tendency to slowly fall into the net. The kick-back effect will be more intense the more the lower part of the ball is hit with the stomach. Your goal is to give the ball a tendency to bounce backwards, in the opposite direction.

Upward or topspin effect

The backspin has the opposite effect and is used to counteract it. It involves rotating the ball forward, that is, in the same direction as its trajectory. This is achieved by touching the surface of the ball up and forward when it is hit, over the center of the ball. Its purpose is to make the ball tend to pass almost by surfing the net and bouncing forward and at a certain height, only touching the board and before starting its descent. It is important to press well with the feet as it hits and accelerates on the striking hand to hit the ball smoothly but quickly.

Side effect or sidepin

It is the effect that the ball gets when it curves in the air left or right. It can be combined with a backspin or topspin to create more uncertainty in the opponent. This effect is achieved by cutting the ball with the padding, from one side to the other hitting the ball left or right back vertically. If the blow is made from right to left, the ball will tend to go to the opponent’s left after touching the board and vice versa. In addition to these main effects there may be others such as the loop, block or flip. Check out the various ping pong effects added to a correct choice of table tennis paddle, their rubber and woods They can stand out and progress beyond your opponent.Photo Creative Commons


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