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Professional ping pong paddles

Table tennis game

Everyone who starts or practices a sport knows perfectly well that they will need certain essential content in order to be able to enjoy it. In the world of ping pong just as it happens, and, without a doubt, it is the most important aspect of any player professional ping pong paddles.

Table tennis is a sport in which a wide range of game accessories can be purchased, all of which are essential to getting the most out of your game. Sports clothes and shoes to play, balls, covers for the paddle, even for those who want to train at home they can buy a ping pong table. No matter what level of play you have, if you spend more or less hours playing or dedicate yourself in a professional or amateur way, game content is essential for improving it day by day.

But if we have to talk about the most important equipment for any player, there is no doubt that professional ping pong paddles are the ones that occupy all the covers and those that appear in the best photos. This element is the one that will allow you to win the best points, defend yourself from endless attacks and get the best benefits.

Professional ping pong paddles composition

The table tennis paddle is composed of four parts with very specific technical characteristics that directly affect the type of game you want to develop. We refer to the handle, the wood, the sponge and the rubber.

The handle is the part that holds the shovel and according to its shape and anatomy several types can be differentiated. These include the straight handle, the narrow concave in the middle and with a wider base, and the anatomical handle that adapts to the palm of the hand. The sponge is the material between rubber and wood, and can be obtained with thickness measurements from 0 to 2.3mm. The greater the thickness, the greater the speed but the loss of control in the beat, and the lower the hardness, the better the control is obtained to respond to fast and efficient beats.

Rubber ping pong paddles, combined with wood, are the most important parts for every player. Different types of rubber are usually placed on each side, exchanging attack rubber with a protective head. They are usually differentiated by the length of their beak, which is why we can find rubber with short beak (the most used ones), medium beak, long beak or beak without sponge.

From the combination of these parts it can be achieved from a paddle in which control of the beats is called and without so much as the attacking game, an intermediate paddle with a good balance of attack and defense, or a professional ping pong paddle for good attack hits and perfect twist.

How to choose the best ping pong pad

One of the biggest headaches for any player is finding the perfect professional ping pong paddle for your game, so to choose the best padding you need to consider a number of factors. These features allow us to highlight the level of play as a player, the type of player or type of game you play (attack, defense or mixed) and your economic potential.

When we talk about the level of play, we refer to whether you are a beginner, advanced or a professional player. You can find a wide range of paddles for all levels, from the most basic ones shown for simple leisure to professional ping pong paddles, which have attributes like speed, control or the effect given to the ball while you stroke it. the paddle.

Another aspect to consider when choosing your paddle, which is related to your level of experience in this sport, is your type of game. The characteristics of professional table tennis paddles are different from what you can find in the market. As a player you need to know your type of game, if you are an attacker or if you are more defensive, if you want to hit with effect, you have more control or speed-ups, and so on. All of this will determine the type of professional ping pong paddle you need, so when you start looking you should focus on paddles with attributes that suit the way you play.

The economic issue is also important when you start looking for the right paddle for your game, since you can range from lower quality cheap paddles to others that are higher priced and have more significant characteristics. But without a doubt, If you want to create a shovel that is completely personalized, it is best to do it from scratch. That is, create a combination of wood and rubber that suits your type of game. Of course, this option is the one that involves more financial outlay.

Tips for choosing your professional ping pong patch

As you’ve seen, choosing the most suitable ones among all the professional ping pong pads isn’t easy, so here are some tips that will definitely help you:

  • Choose a paddle that suits your style of play: it is useless to have an aggressive and aggressive type of game if your paddle is then defended and controlled. Your ping pong patch should fit the way you play and not the other way around.
  • Try different types of handles, woods and rubber until you find the perfect shovel for you. Don’t settle for the first one you hit 3 shots like.
  • If you have a direct attack game, look for a paddle with weight, thick and smooth rubber, and a classic grip. If you prefer the defensive game, your shovel should be light, with thin rubber and spikes.
  • Keep your shovel carefully and replace the rubbers when you see that they start to deteriorate or affect your strokes during games.
  • Get coverage and store the professional ping pong pad in a dry environment when you finish playing with it, this way you will avoid the wood or rubber deteriorating to the humidity or high temperatures or low.

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