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Indoor ping pong table for home, a gift to enjoy with the family

Inside Mesa ping pong

One of the favorite games for many people who decide to buy an active leisure game to play at home is ping pong. This is a perfect sport to play with family or friends, which you exercise with and which is a lot of fun. So a indoor ping pong table it’s perfect to start playing as soon as possible.

In order to enjoy your time playing this sport, it is important to make the most of your indoor ping pong table. For this reason we want to leave you a set of tips that you should follow if you want your new gift to be a fun center in your home:

  • Set the table in the right place. Basically you must find the perfect locationBe it an attic, a room or a garage, but don’t disturb others while you play. Imagine putting your indoor ping pong table in the dining room of your house, not only will you annoy the others who live in your house, but you may break the aesthetics of your home.
  • If you can, enjoy the good weather in summer. Not everyone has a chalet or house with a large terrace, but if you are lucky, try to take your indoor table out from time to time for outdoor play. This way you can enjoy the good temperatures while doing sports and spending time with your loved ones. Keep in mind that you can play indoor ping pong tables in outdoor areas, but it is always recommended not to leave them there after you play.
  • Have plenty of space to play. What use is it to put the board in the place you think is perfect for it, if the space to play is tiny. Keep in mind that the size of most of the assembly of the structure and boards is 2.74 meters long and 1.525 meters wide, so the recommended minimum space is around 1.5 or 1.8 meters of space around the four sides. You already know it’s not enough if the table goes into the room or where you put it, but you have to enjoy suitable area to be able to move without problems.
  • Take care and protect the board. It won’t last a lifetime, but if you want your indoor ping pong table to allow you to enjoy it for several years, it’s important to at least care for it. Not only are we talking about trying to keep it in a safe place or putting a protective cover on it when you’re not going to play with it, but also don’t walk on it or jump on it when you want to achieve .
  • Play and have fun. This is the most important thing, since an indoor ping pong table means home spend time with family and friends, enjoying, laughing and, why not, being the king of the house playing table tennis.


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