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Assemble your shovel with the right materials

table tennis racket with ping pong ballsThe padding must fit your style of play! From the wide range of ping pong paddles on the market, we give you a general idea on how to choose it.To choose the padding to allow you to increase the strength of your game, you must first analyze your style of play. There are paddles for certain styles, but one must be found be aware of how to choose the blade that suits your personal style in order to get better results. Therefore, it should not happen that you fit your style of play to the chosen padel paddle, quite the opposite.

Dominate your shovel

You can play with any paddle, but the question is whether it can also play well with the selected paddle. This consideration clarifies that there should be have a paddle that suits your style of play But it can be controlled with one. It’s easy to see that the super soft 2.5 mm rubber option is glued to wood which is also fast, which can bring more difficulties than your opponent. You should know that the higher the Thickness of the rubber sponge, the faster the paddle will turn.

Smart combines blade components

The right combination of rubber and wood must be considered. Match the wood with the unique properties of rubber. The two rubbers do not have to be the same. For example, if you have an article ‘drive‘, you should use your strength as high as possible. Likewise, if your “Reverse » it is weak it must be compensated with suitable rubber. Proper rubber applied to successful wood can work wonders.


  • It must be borne in mind that, over time, the adhesion of the rubber, the elasticity of the sponge and the catapult effect will lose their properties. After about 50 hours of playing, rubber can wear out. Therefore replace your shovel rubber periodically, in this way this circumstance does not harm your game.
  • Do not forget clean the rubber regularly, always protect the shovel from heat, cold, mechanical damage, etc. The best thing to do is to put it in a case or situation appropriate.
  • Should be a backup shovel, which have the same characteristics as your playing patch, should also be used in training. (What would you do if 18:18 was in the league for sure in an important game with the shovels breaking?)
  • Where possible, try new rubber and woodsas change in time is a great advantage and provides a new incentive. These experiments are excellent periods in winter or summer, while you are on vacation.
  • When trying out new rubber and woods, don’t be easy to try first. Quick testing often does not provide accurate answers. If after a short period of shovel testing in training, if you do not achieve adequate satisfaction, you should not surrender immediately, as a long trial period can make a difference.

Photography: Creative Commons on Flickr


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