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New from Enebe: Invertex designer ping pong tables

Fashion, design and sport are the new combination that new Enebe adds Invertex ping pong tables Trendy life. Style of exclusive tables Not only are they used for sports, but with them you can decorate any room in your house and give it a different color from the ones that the typical green or blue tables present to us.

Invertex design is a revolutionary system Invertex Custom Return, in which the tables are folded out, to be visible to all and thus to be the main characters of the room at home, in the office or in the place where it is located.

Enebe presents 3 ping pong tables with different designs: the Rollin Invertex for those who like bright colors and modern designs, the Skyline Invertex for dreams who want to see different parts of the world and the Surf Invertex for people with they love water sports, especially surfing. Three different ways to unify your favorite sport and decoration on the same table. Your friends will obviously be jealous of these tables.

But to be more exclusive and unique, the Enebe brand offers the model of it customizable ping pong table My Invertex, a table where you can personalize the programs with the image you want, be it a photo of your family, friends, pet, a badge of your favorite team or the image you want to decorate your home. Undoubtedly, with My Invertex you will have a unique table in a world that no one else will have.

Another feature that the Invertex system offers is that the folding system structure makes the corners free of feet or any other obstacle, making it a ping pong table that allows people with disabilities to enjoy the great sport. these are wheelchair disabled, as they are able to hit the ball near the table without any opposition.

Designed and adaptable table that controls any other table and facilitates the customization of its Invertex Custom system folded quickly and does not take up much space. Sport and decoration in the same ping pong table, this is how the new Enebe tables are.


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